xgui - a set of PhotoShop-like color picker user controls
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xgui, Introduction 

xgui is a set of PhotoShop-like color picker user controls. That includes a color picker (square field), a slider and color well (that is a preview box).

Slider displays a range of possible values for the selected color model component (for example R, G, B or other). Picker displays possible values for the remaining two components - one on the horizontal axis and another one on the vertical. In the same time color well displays currently selected color (that is a combination of three color components).


Quick example 

xgui demo project screenshot


  1. xgui, Usage HOWTO
    Simple use-case including step-by-step guide how to use the library.

  2. xgui, downloads
    Disclaimer, source code and documentation downloads, feedback link.
    (Disclaimer, Downloads, Feedback)

  3. xgui, Links
    Misc links and links to OraLib alternatives