OraLib - a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library

OraLib, Compatibility 


OraLib could be compiled and used with following compilers, so far:

OraLib should be compatible with any Standard C++ compiler, where STL library and Oracle headers, and libraries are available.

In order to compile OraLib with Borland C++ 5.5 and MinGW Makefiles should be changed (configured). Locate and update following lines in bcc55.mak and/or mingw.mak to match your development tools and Oracle installation layouts:

# ---------------------------
# C O N F I G U R E   H E R E
BCC_BASE = c:\borland\bcc55
STLPORT_BASE = e:\stlport-4.5.3
ORACLE_BASE = e:\oracle\ora81
#  E N D   C O N F I G U R E
# ---------------------------

In case you're having troubles compiling STLport 4.5.3 with MinGW try creating following folders manually first: STLport-4.5.3\lib\obj\MINGW32\DebugSTL, STLport-4.5.3\lib\obj\MINGW32\DebugSTLD, STLport-4.5.3\lib\obj\MINGW32\Release, STLport-4.5.3\lib\obj\MINGW32\ReleaseD before running make -f gcc-mingw32.mak. Also note, that Makefiles expects to find STLport libraries not in STLport-4.5.3\lib directory, but in STLport-4.5.3\lib\bcc or STLport-4.5.3\lib\mingw instead. Manually change Makefile if you do not wish to move or copy files.

Also note, that in order to make an Unicode build of STLport 4.5.3 with Visual C++ 6.0 vc6-unicode.mak should be modified, because it is exact copy of vc6.mak. Changes should include "LIB_BASENAME=stlport_vc6_unicode" instead of "LIB_BASENAME=stlport_vc6" and "/D "_UNICODE" /D "UNICODE"" instead of "/D "_MBCS"".

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 requires additional configuration. STLport include folder and library folder should be appended to directories in Microsoft Visual C++ IDE Tools->Options->Directories. Same goes for Oracle headers and libraries.


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Oracle versions 

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Because Oracle are keeping compatibility, most likely you will be able to run an application compiled against 8.1.x with 9i. Probably it is possible to run it under 8.0.x either, if you doesn't use non-blocking calls.

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