OraLib - a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library
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OraLib, Introduction 

OraLib is a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library.


Quick example 

#include "oralib.h"

void main (void)
	oralib::connection cn;

	cn.open ("server_name", "scott", "tiger");
	cn.execute ("create table temp_table ( n numeric )");
	cn.execute ("insert into temp_table values (1)");
	oralib::resultset &rs = *cn.select ("select * from temp_table");
	// ...
	rs.release ();
	cn.execute ("drop table temp_table");


  1. OraLib, Compatibility
    Compatibility with compilers, OSes and Oracle versions
    (Compilers, Platforms, Oracle versions, Supported data types)

  2. OraLib, Examples
    SQL and PL/SQL statements execution examples, OraLib port of cdemo81.c
    (SQL select statement example, PL/SQL block example, Named variables (or parameters), OraLib port of cdemo81.c)

  3. OraLib, An Article
    OraLib article, as it has been submitted to The Code Project and Code Guru
    (Introduction, Connection handling, Executing commands, Use-case examples, Alternatives, Some final words, Disclaimer)

  4. OraLib, Downloads
    Disclaimer, source code and documentation and required packages download and feedback
    (Disclaimer, Source code and documentation download, Feedback)

  5. OraLib, Links
    Misc links and links to OraLib alternatives
    (Misc links, OCI itself, OCCI - Oracle's own C++ library, OTL: Oracle, ODBC and DB2-CLI Template Library, OCI C++ Library, ORA++, OCI++: Oracle Call Interface ++ (AKA OCIWRAP), libsqlora8: Easy C-Interface to Oracle, Ask Google!)